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Bullsmoor All Sorts Sports Club
This Motley looking crew are most of us who played at Brentwood FC and went on to get thrashed by the Fire Brigade 0-8. 


Flipper has finally retired again, but he's still top of my List. What else would one expect of the Universes greatest Right-back !! 
John Vane
This is me. Former Top Scorer and Manager, both about 10 stone ago.
Andy Whelan
Long serving Goalie and Manager. Excellent Shot stopper and possibly great reflexes as he steadfastly refuses to come off his line.
John (Robin) Hood
Latest addition from the Council. Apparently played for Ware and Waltham Abbey. O don't recall 'cos I would have abused him in the past. However, he's much too good for us, so hopefully he has no ambition left. Welcome, Johnny Boy.

Steve Key
This man has possibly played in EVERY single position in our team over the years. He even spent one half in goal, until I removed him !! Scorer of over 100 goals and more Man of Season Awards than anyone. Still going strong.
Marco Gifford
Joined a few years back, and has rocketed to the top of the scoring charts with double figures every season. Slowing down a bit now, but still a must on every team sheet.
Giovanni Daffada (Johnny)
Also joined along with Marco and is one of our most influential, but does have this habit of hitting the ground too easy.
Vijay Kansara
Nipper has been with us from the beginning and has also played in every position, even in goal. Very combative, but not always in a dirty way.
Uday Kansara
Vijays twin, but its easy to tell them apart cos hes got a fat arse. Another who has played everywhere, but maybe cos we are still trying to find out his most effective position.
Fat Gav
Joined us in early 2009. Has cemented his position in the centre of midfield. (Actually the very centre circle which he rarely leaves unguarded)
Barry Mc Caughley
Joined last season from the Minchies. Blossomed into our Top Scorer by a country mile.
Sudhir Doshi (Sid)
Seems to have played for ever, but unfortunately not often enough. The best thing to say about Sids footy skills is that he is great at Cricket. The standing joke going around is when AW is picking the team, he informs Sid that 'He can come and watch !!'.  Charming, he's not nicknamed Sid Lineker for nothing.
Simon Chambers (Gobshite)
A fantastic addition to the squad a few winters ago. What a dirty bastard !! He's so dirty that he even took me out once and I was the bludy Ref !!!
Incidentally, just a coincidence that his picture is wide than all the others !!
Alan ??
Joined this season from Minchies. and has been a real action man in the midfield. As that's not really our forte, he has shown up well.

Andy Binks (Catweazel)
And another one back after a long absence, and is still a speedy little fucker down the Wing.
Daniel Vane
My little boy, or at least all 6' 4" of him. Brilliant in goal, but he thinks he's better up front.
Richard Blundell (Zed)
One of the Originals, and I suppose no-one has ever come close to how he was. Still turns out once a season on Tour.
Tony Bowling
Also joined late last season, and a regular this season, but unfortunately broke his bludy leg in Feb, so is out for the season.
Dave Gill-Collis (Joseph)
Another Old timer returning after several years, playing anywhere at the back.
Another Barnet reject, but settling nicely into the leftback role.
Recentish addition three years or so ago. Smooth play maker from midfield, but is very injury prone.

Paul Hunn (Belch)
Came to us a mate of James' from the bookies. Plays in most position with equal ability, unfortunately. Only joking, Belch. Mentioning that, he is so called as he holds the Guiness Record for Belching.


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