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B A S Tour 2014


So we’re at Broadland Sands for possibly our Last Tour.  Due to financial constraints (i.e fuckall Money left), I had ordered the Mini-bus from Lowestoft for the weekend, so we had to make our own way in several cars. As some of you do that anyhow (Yes, U Goonertrash), it wasn’t really a problem, especially as I wasn’t one of the Drivers. Most of us left late morning and arrived about 3ish, I think. Gooners somewhat later, and VJ and Uday very late, as they went to a do first. Daniel and I got dropped off, then checked out the bar, whilst the others went shopping, start as you mean to go on, innit. We ordered a luvly Fish & Chips dinner as well, only spoilt a little by the presence of a weird Boy/Girl Staff person (I’m still not sure what it was, but it was very miserable !!!)

So all gathered in the Pool Room, for speeches and awards etc….

Firstly the annual slagging off of everybody. Well, I enjoy it anyway. Click HERE for ½ hour of that.

Then a thoroughly entertaining effort from Belchie. Click HERE for that.

Whilst the votes were being taken and counted, I had devised a Highlights of the last 20 years quiz, while I counted the votes. The Vid cuts off At about Question 10 of about 20, so I think Fatgav got bored with it. I think it was also when the she-bloke chucked us out of the room. Click HERE for what we do have.

We retired to a caravan, egg banjos and handing out some awards.
 Managers Player of Season
 Players Player of Season  (Landslide Vote)
 Fruitbats Player of Season  
 Stevie Key
 Goal of the Season

So Saturday, and we’re off to play the Dutchman who won less games than we did last season, so should be a piece of piss, Eh !!

They started with 10 for the first 8 minutes, so we gave them Mitch. Their bloke turned up, off comes Mitch, 10 minutes later we are 4-0 DOWN !!!

They began with a penalty conceded by Flipper. See below for what happened (Note = Flipper getting a telling orf !!)

Then three more goals in quick succession, bludy ‘ell. We gradually came back into it, and Fatgav started taking the game by the scruff of the neck.

We hit the post once, see below, and then scored in about the 40th minute with a beauty from Chike to make it 1-4 at H/T. Danny limped off, to be replaced in goal by Karlos.

We reorganised a bit, and brought it back to 3-4. First Steve vollied home after a melee in the box, and then FG put VJ through who executed a delightful wee chip over the keeper into the net.  We even had a chance to equalise through Zed, but he headed over the bar from a corner. Pillock !! This galvanised the Dutchman into action, who then slapped in another couple of goals to make the final score 3-6.

Click HERE for the highlights of this game.

Oh well, off to the pub, where we spent a VERY Enjoyable afternoon watching the Spuds get spanked by The Hammers.

Everyone went to the Harbour Inn and Notleys for a good night out, I stayed in as I had the Shits (Getting Old !!!).

So Sunday and off to Gorleston to play The Kings Arms who had just won Division One.

Mikey, Russ, Sid and Mitch also joined the action.

Steve decided that Sid would be at R/Back with him and Gobshite in the middle, and Vinnie at L/Back, but brilliantly put Mitch as the Defensive midfielder. Sid and especially Mitch were f…..g superb, and we eventually escaped with a creditable 1-1 draw, with a fine running in  goal from Russ Baby. This was also due to some absolutely magnificent saves from Karlos in the last 10 minutes (No Vids of him, as the battery had run out, Sorry Mate)

See HERE for some highlights.

Back to Poo Pants pub, for a good time, giving Russ his Man of Season trophy (Well NOT actually, we got them mixed up, I believe Flipper has nicked it !!)

We went to a new Indian restaurant, which was OK, and back to the Bar, which the she-beast appeared to close quite early. Dunno what happened after that.

Off we go home on Monday morning in the cars again.

Good Tour, with special thanks to Dave and Sid for driving the Mini-bus and saving us in The Kings Arms game.

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