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BAS Tour 2010
Well as usual mine and Dannys tour started at 0900 in 'The King James' for the traditional Big Brekky washed down with several Stellas. Back home, and a call from Sid to say they were going to Zeds and Steves before me. Totally against the Plan, but he was lying the little Tinker. Anyhow the journey was quite uneventful with Zed and VJ (For the 2nd year running), No not Zed but VJ again, winnin g the Quiz by a clear margin. Trailing in last were 'Flippers dreamers'. They also came up with the best answer as I had inadvertently left the answer of Mulli wotsit actually next to the question. Undetered with this they still answered confidently that the answerwas Shane Warne ??!?!? You just can't help some people, EH !!
We arrived at camp closely followed by Johnny, but word came in that Marco was up somewhere near Gt Yarmouth (12 miles above us) . Pillock, but what can you expect with Belch as your navigator. They arrived an hour or so later. We got in the bar about 1900, I think, 'cos most of it is blur after that, as I was severley inebriated by this time. Big shock there then ! Suffice to say, that Belch held off the mediocre challenges from Uday and Fat Gav for Tour Manager. Woah betide you soft Lad if I get my hands on your speech video !! Fat Gav had donated four trophies from his enormous collection, I reckon 'cos his Mam has told him to clear some space out of his room, and then to go and wash behind his ears. Anyhow, I digress, unfortunately for Fat Gav he has to take the two biggest trophies back home again, as he took over 80% of the vote for Man of the Season (Well deserved) and also the Goal of the Season which was suprising as Flippers was much better. A new trophy for the Supporters Player of the Season (OK, that'll be me and Sid) was unaminously awarded to a very happy Gobshite. Finally, their was a Fruitbat of the Season awarded to the Player I think is the more team player amongst you, and even though Flipper was closely thought to have won this, I gave it to Belch instead. Bad Luck Flipper, but well deserved recognition to a very under valued member of the team. I don't recall much else, although was a bit of a bundle where I seemed to end up under a sofa, but I was fine, apparently. Back to the Ethnic caravan too watch dodgy movies, I fell asleep, Well I am getting on a bit.
Great brekky served up by the Poooffss on Sat morning. Obviously, they had moisterised and washed their arses first. Don't ask !! Off to the Tennis courts to play Footy tennis and so called proper Tennis. We stayed there till about 1530 ish where I retired to the bar to watch my footy go down the drain, and worst to watch the Yids get another jammy win. Off to the Totty bar, which quite frankly was a bit boring, until Zed tried his luck at the karioke TWICE, The vids are about 100mb each , but can be found on these two links ZED1  &  ZED2.  The boy was aching all over so while he and I got grub, and a cab back to camp, everyone else vacated to next door to Nottleys Night club. I've no idea what went on but they all got back about 0300 with big cheesey grins so I reckon they had a good time. Here are three Vids courtesy of fat Gav to give you an idea. Great dancing Lads, can't believe none of you pulled. NOT1NOT2NOT3 Aahh, I have just discovered two extra Vids which might explain the cheesey grins. See LES1 & LES2, and know its not Les Dawson or Les Miserables. See, bit of culture there, I'm not a total f...g heathen.
Blimey, its Sunday already and we've got a 1300 kickoff. Everyone was up late so not a lot of Brekky was consumed. We got their easily by about 1230 and didnt kickoff until about 1330. Oops, but they were struggling for players and actually picked someone up from the park, who became as the Big No 12, and then furthermore as the Twat. Oh well, never mind , so if you Click HERE you will be able to read the Match Report and see loads of wee vids, if I've done 'em yet, that is. Johnny got back to camp and headed home, as he's due in Devon Monday morning.
So off to the Indian in nearby Oulton Broad which had been recommended by the boys at Lowestoft Town FC. I think it was a trick, 'cos it certainly weren't the best we've ever had, but I enjoyed it as I was already a tad pissed so I don't remember much, although I was finally ambushed via my Narn bread having some foreign entity inside it. HERE is a short vid of that anyway. As we made our way back to the bus, a gobby cow and her Lad, walked towards us, and she made some odd comment, to which I replied summat cheeky. Apparently the boyfriend turned back to sort me out, but then saw there was a whole bunch of us and thought better of it. Personally, I was totally oblivious to what happened ! We got back to our caravan with everyone else, and apparently I was quickly into a deep sleep, but still defiantly holding onto mi Stella. I was rudely awoken about 0315 by Marco trying to remove me from the sofa, which is of course his bed ! To pissed to even open my eyes, I just thought whoever it was , was just trying to nick my blanket, so apprently a 5 minute tussle for the blanket ensued. Eventually, I opened my eyes, sortof recognised the lounge, 'cos I thought I was dreaming. According to Marco, I got up and kept saying 'This is NOW !!' I'm not quite sure what I meant by that, but Heyho, I staggered to my room and wasn't seen again until 0945. Shit, we're supposed to be out by 1000. We made it by about 1030, with Danny getting ever frustrated at our tardiness. Get used to it, Boy !! 
Marco left with a packed car full of Gobshite, Andy and Belch. They were back five minutes later as Andy left half his stuff behind. Wassock !!
We arrived at the Golf Course with the barriers, and it seemed generally that no-one, except Flipper, was bothered. Great, I thought, no waiting 2 hours with happy Danny, but somehow the little Git got us in, and so in we went. I can't remember who won, but they seemed to enjoy themselves. Off we went and we got home about threeish. Not bad, and great thanks to the drivers, Fat Gav and Steve.
Well, thats about it, unless some memories return in the next few days, or more Vids are forthcoming from Hughsie.
More than likely off to Hastings next year, unless we think of somewhere else. but not bleeding Margate.


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